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Nicole Pillatsch
Administrative Business Partner

“The value I took from that session at the ELS Forum made me realize how much of a leader I already am within my role here with my team”

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Speaker Interview – Amy Castro

Speaker interview with Amy Castro, MA, CSP, Performance Communication Expert for The Performance Communication Group.

Why Professional Development Is the Perfect Gift

With Administrative Professionals’ Day this week, it urges the question, what’s a gift that reflects the multi-faceted and difficult job of an executive assistant? How can executives truly show appreciation this week?

Ethics for Executive Assistants

What ethical responsibilities need to be upheld by executive assistants? Does the landscape of responsibility change when held to a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement? Workplace expert Bonnie Low-Kramen helps shed light on ethics for executive assistants.

Personal Branding LinkedIn Mistakes You Are Probably Making

Whether you are looking to step into leadership and grow within your role, or are looking to pursue new career ventures, personal branding is a must-have in today’s dynamic workforce. This begs us to ask if you are using the interface as effectively as you think.

Sharpening Critical Thinking Skills with Al-Husein Madhany

Our leaders and executives all possess strong critical thinking skills. Isn’t it just as important that we sharpen these skills, too? Al-Husein Madhany dives into how to hone your critical thinking skills to succeed in your career.

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