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Nicole Pillatsch
Administrative Business Partner

“The value I took from that session at the ELS Forum made me realize how much of a leader I already am within my role here with my team”

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Becoming a More Respected Member of the Leadership Team

Five steps towards becoming a respected member of the leadership team for executive assistants.

Strategic Business Partner vs. Leader

What’s truly the difference between being a strategic business partner to your executive and being an influential leader? Rhonda Scharf helps uncover the answers EAs are looking for.

Fluency of Thought and Flexibility of Action: The Assistant’s Guide to Scheduling

Fluency of Thought and Flexibility of Action: The Assistant’s Guide to Developing a Plan C When Scheduling   Executive assistants are business game changers, always making the impossible possible for their executive. When organizing solutions for leading assistants’...

The Assistant’s Role in Building a Winning Company Culture: Perspective from an Administrative Business Partner at Google

The role of executive assistants have dynamically expanded over the last several years, and now more than ever, EAs are taking on a more prominent role with emulating company culture. Nicole Pillatch, Administrative Business Partner at Google, shares her role in developing an uplifted culture.

Personal Branding LinkedIn Mistakes You Are Probably Making

Whether you are looking to step into leadership and grow within your role, or are looking to pursue new career ventures, personal branding is a must-have in today’s dynamic workforce. This begs us to ask if you are using the interface as effectively as you think.

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