The Executive Leadership Support Forum strives to improve the profile and professional lives of executive assistants by creating an educational outlet that inspires growth, collaboration, and community. We believe executive assistants can achieve greatness in their career.


The Executive Leadership Support Forum is a division of Q1 Productions, an industry leader in executive education conferences and webinars. After years of developing programs for senior-level leaders worldwide, and working closely with their executive assistants, we found ourselves wondering, what about the EAs? What opportunities do they have for professional development and networking? We searched high and low and found limited options for this incredible group of professionals. So, we set out to change the landscape for EAs everywhere. In 2016, we launched the Executive Leadership Support Forum (ELS Forum) with the goal of improving the professional lives of EAs by welcoming those with a thirst for knowledge, a desire to make new connections, and a passion for career advancement.


The ELS Forum is a two-day event that brings together executive assistants supporting the world’s most influential leaders. We cultivate professional development by providing a platform for EAs to connect, collaborate, and contribute solutions to their greatest challenges. Attendees gain support, training, and inspiration from world-renowned instructors and peers alike to discover a renewed sense of purpose and passion in their career.



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Division Director


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Senior Producer

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