Fueling Passion in Your Career

Deesha Dyer is a speaker, writer, Creative Event and Strategy consultant, and most notably known as the former Obama Administration Social Secretary. Dyer shares how she got to where she is and all of the lessons learned along the way.

Tips for Juggling More Than One Executive

The trend has started, and it’s not stopping. Catherine Groswird, Sr. Executive Assistant at Mozilla shares her advice for executive assistants who are supporting more than one executive.

Executive Assistant of the Week: Sue Grant

Executive Assistant of the Week interview with ELS Forum: New York City contributor, Sue Grant, Executive Assistant to SVP, Controller & SVP, Global Treasurer at TIME Inc., acquired by Meredith Corporation.

Executive Assistant of the Week: Nan Kruzik

Executive Assistant of the Week interview with ELS Forum: Washington, DC contributor, Nan Kruzik, Project Manager & Senior Executive Assistant to the President at Avid Radiopharmaceuticals, Inc.

Executive Assistant of the Week: Ashley-Dior Thomas

Executive Assistant of the Week interview with Executive Leadership Support Forum: Washington, DC contributor, Ashley-Dior Thomas, Former Executive Assistant to Retired Senator Barbara A. Mikulski formerly at Capitol Hill.

Looking Back to Look Forward

Trish Stevens Stadler, Executive Assistant/Manager Tata Communications, retraces the steps of her career that led her to her true calling – the career of an executive assistant.

Executive Assistant of the Week: Ann Veronelli

Executive Assistant of the Week interview with Executive Leadership Support Forum: Boston contributor, Ann Veronelli, Executive Assistant to the President & Chief Executive Officer at InterGen.

Debbie Gross: A Career Road Map

How does one take their career to the next level? Although there isn’t a tried and true roadmap that guides a professional through their executive assistant career, Debbie shares her career journey to help set others up for success, too. Through an interview, she revealed with us how she got to where she is today and how you too can reach your full potential and find your passion.

Executive Assistant of the Week: Amy Sherman

Executive Assistant of the Week interview with Executive Leadership Support Forum: San Francisco contributor, Amy Sherman, Sr. Executive Assistant to the President & CPO of Salesforce.

Instructor Interview: Bonnie Low-Kramen

Instructor interview with Bonnie Low-Kramen, Founder of Ultimate Assistant Training & Consulting Inc. Bonnie will be one of the distinguished instructors at the Executive Leadership Support Forum: Boston, May 2-3.

Speaker Interview: Erin McConlogue

Interview with the ELS Forum: San Francisco professional speaker, Erin McConlogue, Account Executive & Trainer for Dale Carnegie San Francisco.

Speaker Interview: Rhonda Hervey

Speaker interview with ELS Forum: Detroit contributor, Rhonda Hervey, CAP-OM
Executive Assistant & Office of the Assistant Superintendent at OAKLAND SCHOOLS.

Why the Assistant Role is Female Dominated

It’s 2018, and secretary is still the top job for women. The job description has drastically changed, but, it begs us to ask, how did we get here? Why is the executive leadership support role still dominated by one gender? What has truly changed?

The Key to Managing Up as an Executive Assistant

Facilitating a collaborative relationship with an emphasis on a shared purpose is key to being a successful strategic assistant. Melba Duncan enlightens on what it truly means to be accountable as an executive assistant.

#Timesup, Now What?

Assistants make up the backbone of all industries – industries that don’t have award shows to verbalize or visualize their stance in the #Timesup campaign. It begs many industries to ask, okay time’s up, but now what? Together, we work with Bonnie Low-Kramen to peel away at these detrimental issues within the executive assistant career and how we can all work together to take next steps.

Strategic Business Partner vs. Leader

What’s truly the difference between being a strategic business partner to your executive and being an influential leader? Rhonda Scharf helps uncover the answers EAs are looking for.

Raquel Clarke – Speaker Interview

Speaker Interview with Raquel Clarke. Clarke is an Executive Assistant that currently supports the CFO and SVP of one of the largest ATM processing companies in the US & Canada, Cardtronics. She will be one of the contributors at the ELS Forum Toronto.

Speaker Interview – Steve Hanes

Speaker Interview with Executive Leadership Support Forum: Indianapolis trainer, Steve Hanes is the president of Strategies 4 Success, Inc.

Ethics for Executive Assistants

What ethical responsibilities need to be upheld by executive assistants? Does the landscape of responsibility change when held to a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement? Workplace expert Bonnie Low-Kramen helps shed light on ethics for executive assistants.

Why Professional Development Is the Perfect Gift

With Administrative Professionals’ Day this week, it urges the question, what’s a gift that reflects the multi-faceted and difficult job of an executive assistant? How can executives truly show appreciation this week?

Personal Branding LinkedIn Mistakes You Are Probably Making

Whether you are looking to step into leadership and grow within your role, or are looking to pursue new career ventures, personal branding is a must-have in today’s dynamic workforce. This begs us to ask if you are using the interface as effectively as you think.

Building a partnership takes an awareness of your EQ

As assistants, more often than not, we don’t take into consideration at the interview stage the importance of ensuring that you and your future manger “hit it off” and “click” on an intellectual and professional level. We need to be asking the right questions on whether we will fit with each other.

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